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Creative services for strategizing, planning and executing impactful communication strategies in event, audiovisual and digital format. We also do campaigns, if you are serious about the creative freedom aspect of your brief.

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+372 is here to expand the horizons of classical event marketing into something much more detailed and delicate - a strategic personalized physical journey, if you wish. Engaging concepts, unique storytelling and relentless approach to details in technical- and hospitality production is what allows us to make an impact and tell the right stories so the audience would experience them in an holistic manner.

AV production
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We produce original content for our community and clients. Documentaries, music videos, branding clips, TV series, podcasts and some experimental work.

Long formats currently in production:
"VONA" documentary series
In production
Co-production with DIM Filmhouse"VONA" is an ongoing documentary series that explores the devastating toll that war inflicts on our environment. Join us as we follow our heroes investigating the eco-damage, hear from the local people who have been impacted, and discover the steps being taken to heal our wounded Earth.

"Marble Island" reality tv
In pre-production 
Original production

On a small island in Turkey, a marble quarry will host a group of artists in a nearby village. It is the start of a unique art project. Artists will have 30 days to create and finish a marble sculpture. The main characters will be chosen from four different European countries.

documentary series
In pre-production
Original production

The queen of Estonian trial, boldly conquering over the Song Festival Grounds, the towers of Swissotel, a resilient competitor, a world level rider... Unfortunately, in Estonia, one has to pay to engage in trial, so now this top athlete is seeking a new profession. Of course, the new job can only be amidst engines.
In each episode, Keity faces a new machine that she must quickly become acquainted with in order to master a trick by the end of the day. Will she discover a new passion that captivates her heart as quickly as trial does? Each episode also explores the future prospects of the specific machine being featured.
Stay tuned.

Episode duration: 25 minutes, 6-8 episodes
Production: +372 Community & Propapanda
Director: Keity Väliste
Editor: Mari Tamm

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VOD platform in the making.

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